Peter and Paul Church in the village of Drisvyaty

Peter and Paul Church in the village of Drisvyaty. One name - two temples

Little houses, buried in verdure and lilac bushes, blossoming flowerbeds, blue smooth surface of the river and the lake – that’s how the village Drisvyaty looks like in warm season. If you are a painter, then you’ll stay here for a long time. If you never held brush or pencil in your hands, then you would like to paint something right in this village of Braslav district. There is also a wooden church and a stone church in the village. Both the temple and the church are named after Saint Peter and Paul. Why is it like that?


Perhaps, a search for this answer is going to be the cause for visiting the village. And may be, some of you have heard a legend, connected with the isle Castle, and hoping to find the hidden treasure, are going to visit Drisvyaty? Anyway, you are welcome! Because it is at a stone’s thow from Braslav and famous lakes to the village. It is quite easy to come here for a day in order to walk the paths of Drisvyaty.

Orthodox Church

Let’s dwell on one of the village’s attraction – Saint Peter and Paul Orthodox Church. The temple was built in 1907. The building was funded by Elena von Gildenbandt, in girlhood – Zolotareva. The church is interesting from the point of colour composition view. Strolling through the paths of the village Drisvyaty, you are likely to notice blue cupolas. If you go towards them, then soon you will turn out to be at the Saint Peter and Paul Orthodox Church. You are likely to be surprised at a contrast, with which the church is built: red bricks with pastered details, decorating the church. Meanwhile it is not the architect’s desire to single out and make this church unlike any other. It is the very style, typical for the XVII century – Moscow Baroque.

The Church on canvas 

Peter and Paul Church is situated on the river Drisvyatka, which connects two isle together: Stavok and Drisvyaty. At the same time, the water border of Belarus and Lithuania follows lake Drisvyaty. And it is on Belarusian side where that very isle Castle is located, which is so popular with the tourists-adventurers. Perhaps, you would like to go there after visiting the chruch. May be, some of you would take an easel with you on the trip, so that to capture the beauty of the local temple on canvas. And it is impossible to pass the Church by, moreover a wonderful view on lake Drisvyaty is opened right at it.

The choice is yours

The recreation on Belarusian lakes is a real pleasure. Silence, comfort and an opportunity to visit unbelievable in its beauty villages, which are carefully looked after at the same time. Such trips are the real discovery of new Belarusian land’s wealth for yourself, acquaintance with unique history and culture, which has carefully been kept to the present day.

You can go on a trip both on your own and as a part of an excursion group. By car, by bus or by bike. You can rent a boat right there, and have a great time, enrich your life with new impressions. There are also pilgrim tours, which carry a spiritual kernel. You are surely to find the suitable tour for youself, and also you will find your path, leading to the Church.