The Seventh Day Adventist Church in Baranovichi

The Seventh Day Adventist Church in Baranovichi


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Baranovichi is a big Belarusian town situated on the bank of the Shara River. There are churches, monuments, mansions, cathedrals, temples and chapels among its attractions. We advise those who are interested in the history of Christianity or faithful people to visit the Seventh Day Adventist Church situated in the picturesque place in Telman St., 35. It is a worldwide Christian protestant church of the.

The church was established in 1994, and presented as a single-storey building. Since 2007, the Seventh Day Adventist Church has been located in a new building designed in neo-Gothic.

Who are these Adventists and what is their religion? Advent is a Latin word meaning “coming”. An Adventist is a Christian believer in the Second Coming of Christ. He preaches the Ten God’s Commandments and honors the day of the world creation – Saturday.

The church of Protestants consists of local churches preaching the Commandments and carry out Christian worships. The only symbol of the religious doctrine for Adventists is the Book.

The whole activity of the religious community is aimed at helping people, moral and spiritual education, promotion of the right attitude to the family and family values.

The history of Adventist movement began in the XIX century in the USA; this movement appeared among German colonists in Crimea (Russia) in 1886. The Adventist Church appeared in Minsk (Belarus) in 1906. Today the Adventist Church exists in 220 countries, has 13 Divisions, over 40 000 local churches and 18 million faithful followers. The Protestant Church in Baranovichi refers to the Belarusian Church Union that in its turn refers to Euro-Asia Division.

Numerous departments of service and clubs on the basis of the Adventist Church function there; each of them has its own mission obligations, for example, the department of youth movement is formed to attract the young generation to the Book study. The mission of the Sunday school is to bring faithful people to Christ and encourage them in spiritual development and education. The department of health promotes the principles of healthy lifestyles, developing different methods of fighting with bad habits, and also provides social assistance to all people in need.

What church ceremonies are held by the Adventist Church? Certainly, it is a traditional baptizing with entering the water, and also the ceremony of community “Lord’s Supper”.

Apart from the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Baranovichi, there are a number of monuments of religious heritage. For example, these are the Holy Cross Church and the Church of St. Zigmund, the Temple of St. Alexander Nevsky. One of the remarkable architectural objects of Baranovichi is the Assumption Cathedral built in 1931. The interior of the temple is decorated by hand-made mosaic ornaments. The Belarusian town Baranovichi offers a huge number of unique objects that you can visit on your own or in a tourist group.

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