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The Church of St. Job the Long-Suffering in Minsk

The Church of St. Job the Long-Suffering in Minsk


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The book which tells about Job’s fate, takes an impressive part of the Old Testament. For a long time Job couldn’t be called the long-suffering, though he was blessed. He had a large farm, a nice house, seven sons and three daughters. But Job was known among the residents of Uz city where he lived, not only due to his good financial conditions, but also because of his godly behavior. Looking at the well-being of Job and his family and the way he thanks God for it, Satan decided to challenge him, by offering God to deprive Job of everything he has and see whether he will remain faithful.

Thus, when Job reached 80-years, he was deprived of all property, as well as his children. However, the righteous man suffered all the bitterness of life with dignity. But when his body was covered with terrible leprosy, he had no strength to resist the troubles. Job's wife, looking at her husband’s sufferings, gave him advice: "Curse God and die!", but Job replied that if one takes goodness from God, then one must accept evil. As a result, Job, overcoming all the sorrows happened to him with dignity, was rewarded with even greater prosperity than before, 10 more children and his illness disappeared as well. After this incident righteous man lived 140 years more. Thus, the character of Job in the Bible is a bright example of human patience and perseverance of faith.

The Church of St. Job the Long-Suffering in Minsk was built in 1992. The temple on 11 Skaryna Street is a part of the Charity House. When looking from above, the entire complex resembles a cross. At first glance, the style in which the church is built is strong and sustained: white walls with arched windows, hipped roof of brick color. The cross, typical of Orthodox churches is placed on it. The interior of the church is much more interesting. About three thousand elements form a unique iconostasis of Job's Suffering Church. It is custom-made and made of porcelain. The walls are decorated with the author's frescoes depicting images of saints, as well as some historical events related to the Belarusian Orthodox Church. The parish has some religious shrines: the miraculous icon of the Mother of God "Reigning", fragmentary remains of the True Cross and cross-reliquary with the relics of 44 saints.

The activity of the Charity House is supervised by Minsk and Slutsk dioceses. There is a center in which disabled children undergo rehabilitation. Various charity organizations operate at the Charity House, a library, a sewing workshop, and even a small hotel "Mitropolichya Gostinaya". On the basis of the Charity House a unique experiment is being carried out. They want to create primary classes, with the Orthodox form of training. The Church of St. Job the Long-Suffering is open for visitors daily.

Many tourist routs include visiting the Church of St. Job the Long-Suffering. The fate of this righteous man, the picturesque location of the church, as well as its rich decoration attracts tourists from all over the world.


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, Minsk , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 40 km
, Minsk , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 45 km

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