Boris and Gleb Church
The church structure got its name in honor of the blessed Princes Boris and Gleb. Of course, Boris and Gleb are worthy sons of the city of Turov. The cemetery chapel is small in size, made of white brick. Above the entrance of the Boriso-Gleb Chapel there is an arch with an icon of the Savior and a bouquet of flowers. The metal cone-shaped roof of the church building is crowned with a small dome and a cross. 
The Christian building looks organically against the light blue sky. Inside the Boriso-Gleb Chapel there is one small room with blue-painted walls. The iconostasis and the altar are modest, small in size, but are remarkably located around the perimeter of the room. For pilgrims, it is not the superficial beauty that is important, but the true, sacred significance of the temple.
The miraculous renewal of the miraculous icon of the Kazan Mother of God takes place independently, without the intervention of an artist or restorer. In addition, thousands of visiting pilgrims are witnesses of the miraculous renewal of the icon of the Kazan Mother of God.