The Trinity church in Baranovichi

The Trinity church in Baranovichi


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Baranovichi is a relatively young town, spread on the banks of two rivers - Shchara and Myshanka. Young, but at the same time already the eighth most populous in the Republic of Belarus - there are about 170 thousand people living here. Though the town is only about 150 years, there is still something to see.

Historical chronicle

There were settlements since the seventeenth century on the territory, where the modern town of Baranovichi is now located. At different times they belonged to the Mosalskys and Neveselovskys, the last owners of these lands were the Rozwadowskis.

The official date of the town foundation is considered to be a year of 1871. The appearance of Baranovichi is primarily associated with the railway laying, which quickly made the town an important railway junction on the Smolensk - Brest-Litovsk direction. A locomotive depot appeared at the same time. In 1874 a wooden building of the station appeared here, several station buildings, a small number of apartment houses, where the railwaymen stayed - that's what Baranovichi looked like in those days.

Then, in 1884, a tangible leap in the town development followed, when a settlement named Rozvadovo was founded nearby - in honour of the landlords, on whose land it was located. Even then, a thousand and a half people lived in it.

The station area was called New Baranovichi, while Rozvadovo was called Old Baranovichi. When these two settlements eventually merged, a town was formed under the common name Baranovichi. Its infrastructure left much to be desired: the houses were built chaotically, there were no paved roads and even the streets, no schools, no churches, not even town lighting.

However, at the beginning of the twentieth century, before the outbreak of the World War I, the situation had rectified. Baranovichi became a major industrial center, where about 30 thousand people lived and several factories worked successfully.

Baranovichi underwent the occupation by the Germans both during the First and during the Second World Wars. In the 40s of the twentieth century about fifty thousand inhabitants of Baranovichi and 30,000 Jews were killed by the invaders, and the town itself was significantly destroyed.

However, thanks to the diligence and perseverance of its residents, the town quickly recovered and now pleases guests with architectural monuments, which are not very ancient, but still interesting in their own way.

The house of the mission of the Holy Trinity

Baranovichi Trinity Church has been built quite recently, unlike the Holy Trinity Church located in the village of Iskold, not far from Baranovichi, and being the oldest church in Belarus, which underwent no reconstruction. Therefore, coming to see the town sights, you should definitely turn into this small village, located just 36 kilometers from Baranovichi.

Not only the Catholic church is located in a house on 6 Shevchenko Street, which walls were erected in 1998. Since 2009, Catechetical College has been teaching young people, who received extensive knowledge of the history of religion, theology, pedagogy, philosophy, psychology, etc. thanks to which. The white building with a red tile roof will certainly be enjoyed by those, who come to the town of Baranovichi and make this place one of the stops on their route.   


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