The St. Vladimir Temple in Grodno

Visiting Grodno, get ready to hear lots of stories. It is in this Belarusian city where a large number of sights of different ages are concentrated. Some of this heritage has survived in its original appearance, and some part has been lost or preserved only partially. However, it is important that, like in other Belarusian towns, in Grodno people do not forget the history, and carefully preserve the heritage. Therefore, there is something much to see and hear there.

The Temple in the Industrial Area

Sometimes attractions are found in unexpected places. Certainly, you used to visit the town center to admire the famous architectural monuments. But there are exceptions. For example, one of such exceptions is the St Vladimir Temple in Grodno. It is situated in the industrial area, away from the main, let us say, tourist routes of "the pearl of Belarus".

The Holy Baptizer of Russia

However, the most unexpected discoveries can wait for travellers in untouristy places. Why is it necessary to depart the route and look at the St. Vladimir Temple? The thing is that this Orthodox temple is the only one of this kind in Belarus, whose patron is Vladimir - the Holy Baptizer of Rus. This uniqueness of the temple is so attractive for tourists.

The History of the Temple

In addition to this fact, the temple is interesting for the history of its appearance. It could be called typical for the Belarusian Orthodoxy, but there is one "but". Originally St. Vladimir Temple in Grodno was intended not just as a religious building. The thing is that initially it was an educational institution. The temple-school was equipped with special desks in order the students could come to the temple to receive new knowledge.

In 1895 the foundation of the new temple was laid. It became the hope of getting education primarily for the poor. It can be said that the temple was constructed by the entire world. Thus, the more wealthy population of Grodno contributed some funds to the construction of the temple. The state helped too.

Unfortunately, the next year after the construction a fire outbreak occurred in the temple. However, the temple was not damaged. At the time within the walls of the St Vladimir Temple in Grodno there were kept lots of objects of value. These were icons and holy vessels.

Later, during the wars and revolutions, the temple was not closed. It is known that the worst happened only once - in 1915, during the First World War. The town Grodno was captured by the Germans, and the Church was looted and rebuilt.

The New Time

During the anti-religious period the area around the temple was built up with plants and factories. So St. Vladimir Temple appeared in the industrial area. At first it was agreed to accommodate a cultural center in the temple, later – to destroy completely the building. However, the residents of Grodno pleaded for the temple.

Thanks to them, the temple still exists, and you can look at it.