Holy Simeon Cathedral in Brest

In the city on Bug there is a pedestrian street Sovetskaya, which is known to each tourist, who come to Brest for excursion. A lot of interesting sculptures are centred on it, life in cafes and restaurants buzzes with excitement, the cinema offers new films for watching. Holy Simeon Cathedral is located not far from that major tourist city’s artery. Do you know that it is also called a “Soaring temple”? But first things first.

The history of creation of the Holy Simeon Cathedral in Brest

They say that the erection of the cathedral in Brest was planned as back as in 1846. But then this idea wasn’t destined to come true because of the high cost of the project. Time passed by and the first stone to the foundation of the future main church of Brest city was laid in 1862. Active construction works were being carried out from 1865 to 1868.

Different masters worked on the cathedral creation. Probably because Brest is located on the border, all of them were from different places. Probably, not because of it. Each of them made his scope of work. Thus, local masters did painting work, and also plastered the cathedral. Brickwork was entrusted to masters from The Chernigov Governorate. And the icons and decoration for the church were created in Moscow.

As a result five domes decorate the cathedral. Wonderful green area surrounds the church, peace and harmony reign in the yard.

It is interesting, that Holy Simeon Cathedral in Brest has never been closed. Only the restoration works were carried out in 1886, as well as in 1988.

The heritage of the Holy Simeon Cathedral in Brest

Tourists will be interested to know that quite rich heritage is kept in the cathedral. Here you can touch the pieces of many Saints’ relics. The pieces of Athanasius of Brest relics are among them. It is known that they were taken out of Belarus bounds, but later they were returned to the cathedral and are still located there.

A highly significant for entire Belarus event took place in the walls of Holy Simeon Cathedral. It is known that the copy of the Cross of Saint Euphrosyne was made by Brest master Nikolay Kuzmich in 1997. In that year the consecration of that relic was held in the main church of Brest.

“Soaring temple”: the pearl of the archietecture of Brest

Let’s go back to the question, why Brest cathedral is called a soaring one. So that to know the answer to this question you ought to go to look at the cathedral in the evening. It is amazing but a fact, that the temple’s light makes an impression that Holy Simeon Cathedral soars, as if rises above the earth.

Not only is it interesting to look at, but it is also beautiful.

The visit to Holy Simeon Cathedral is included in the excursions to Brest

Book our sightseeing tours around Belarus, and you will be impressed by what you saw. You will undoubtedly want to see the temple both in the daytime and in the evening. Choose Brest as one of the places you must visit, and you will not regret it at all. And we, in turn, want to invite you to join the excursion programs with a visit to Brest.