Holy Intercession Church in the village of Kischitsy.
It was built in 1845 of brick. The three-dimensional composition of the temple is developed along an elongated axis. The central square volume is covered with a sloping hipped roof with a bulbous head. Its facades are completed with keel-like pediments. The three–tiered bell tower, attached from the side of the main facade, is covered with a hipped roof with a head. The rectangular volumes of the narthex and apse are covered with gable roofs. The walls of the building are cut through with large semicircular window openings. Pilasters, pediments, sandricks, niches, profiled cornices, etc. are used in the decorative decoration of facades. The inner space of the church is dominated by the central hall, which is covered by a closed vault on the arches. The overlaps of the remaining volumes are cylindrical. The church is an architectural monument with elements of classicism and pseudo–Russian style.