The old settlement in the village of Chereya
The ancient settlement, towering at the outskirts of Cherey, was discovered in the XIX century by archaeologist Evdokim Romanov. Once it was surrounded by a lake that united the current Chereiskoye Lake with Lukomlsky and the lakes Moshno, Chernoe, Chub, Zolotino.

Most likely, the settlement belongs to the early Iron Age, and perhaps the Stone Age. Probably, at first, people hid behind the walls of the settlement only in case of an impending threat. Streets with temples, residential buildings, outbuildings, living courtyards and commercial warehouses appeared here much later. 

Today it is a little more than a kilometer from here to Chereysky Lake, and there is a cemetery on the top of the settlement, among the trees. You can climb to it to a height of eight meters by a ladder ascending the hill just to the left of the road.