Convent of the Savior-Euphrosyne in Polotsk

The History of Appearance of the Convent of the Savior-Euphrosyne in Polotsk

The Temple of Euphrosyne is a very valuable structure for Belarus as it is the only one among ancient monasteries of Polotsk that has survived up to now. It is the largest center of Orthodoxy in the whole territory of the country.

The convent was established in 1125 by Princess Euphrosyne, after whom it has got its modern name. Originally the temple presented a small wooden structure. But over time a number of young nuns were growing, and the building became too small to accommodate them all. The construction of a new stone building took 30 weeks thanks to the architect Joann.

During 45 years Euphrosyne lived at the convent. During this period the temple had become the main place of education of the Polotsk area. At the time there was a very large library, a workshop for icon painting and a small parishional school on the basis of the convent.

The Features of the Convent of the Savior-Euphrosyne in Polotsk

Today the Temple of the Savior-Euphrosyne is recognized as the best preserved among other architectural monuments of Polotsk. Since its appearance the convent often changed its owners, and only in the first half of the XIX century it was returned to Orthodox Christians. After that a new period of active development set in for the temple. The building was fully restored; and the religious school at the convent resumed its work. At the same time the Cross of Euphrosyne, that she had donated to the temple in time gone by, again appeared within the walls of the convent.

The active work of the temple gave way to sorrowful times during the post-revolutionary period. In 1921 the Convent of Euphrosyne was closed and the Cross was impressed. Even the holy relics of the saint were disclosed, they were sent to Moscow to the atheistic exhibition.

In 1943 the relics of the saint were returned into the temple, and the convent continued its active work up to 1960. After that the temple was also closed. And it opened its doors for parishioners in 1989.

The Cross that was of a great value for the Temple of the Savior-Euphrosyne has not survived up to now. It was mentioned last during the Great Patriotic War. By the end of the XX century an exact copy of the Cross of Euphrosyne had been made by one of the experienced Brest jewelers. That piece of art was gifted to the convent, and today we can see it within the walls of the temple.

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Anyone willing can worship the relics of the saint; people from all over our country and neighboring countries. A lot of excursions and pilgrim tours are organized to the Convent of the Savior-Euphrosyne; they help travellers to become closer to historical and cultural sites of Belarus.

The Temple of the Savior-Euphrosyne – a relic, survey and one of the most visiting churches. It is included into the program of each excursion across Polotsk. You can see the sights of Polotsk as during a sightseeing tour «The ancient town of Polotsk», and having joined one of combined bus tours across Belarus. The Convent of Euphrosyne comprises a number of buildings of different purposes: the Transfiguration Temple itself, the Cathedral of the Rising of the Cross, a refectory, a belfry, remnants of the basement of the chapel, a dwelling house and several utility rooms.