The Slobodskoe swamp

Berezinsky Nature Reserve, located on the border of the Minsk and Vitebsk regions, is not only forests, lakes and rivers. 61% of its territory is occupied by swamps. The predominant type is lowland (feeding on groundwater). They are covered with colorful moss and look impressive!

The Slobodskoye swamp in the reserve is one of the most famous. It is located near Serguch and lakes Plavno and Manets.

Flora and fauna

Mesotrophic pine forests grow in the center of the swamp massif. In the western part, they are replaced by birch, and in the floodplain part by thick moss and fragrant herbs.

The peculiarity of this swamp of Belarus is a large number of plants listed in the Red Book: up to 6 species per square meter!

Here you can see:

  • Small-fruited cranberries;

  • Blueberry willow;

  • Alpine puffer;

  • Swamp-loving sedge.

In total, more than 290 rare plants have been identified on the territory and 108 species of animals live.

Red Book birds of the Slobodsky swamp:

  • Serpentine;

  • White partridge;

  • Grey Crane;

  • A large curlew.

38 species of invertebrates living here are listed in the Red Book.

What to do in the reserve

Tourists are offered escort in the swamps, excursions, horseback riding. Hiking, cycling, water, skiing and combined routes are available on site.

What to visit:

  • Nature Museum;

  • Zoo;

  • The Center of Mythology;

  • Honey Museum;

  • Rope town.

This is a real paradise for ecotourism lovers. There will be something to do here at any time of the year!

Natural attractions of Minsk and Vitebsk regions

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You will travel around the Vitebsk region, be sure to spend time on Braslav lakes, relax on the shore of Lake Lepel and admire the clear waters of krinitsa Gremyaki.

Travel with VETLIVA! You will be able to see the Berezinsky Nature Reserve, the Yelnya Nature Reserve, the Pripyat National Park, the Belovezhskaya Pushcha and other impressive natural objects. Book a nature study tour or a tour and discover the most amazing places in Belarus!