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The sculpture of “The Wandering king” in Soligorsk

The sculpture of “The Wandering king” in Soligorsk


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Not only Minsk is famous for interesting and original sculptures. In regional and district centers of Belarus you can also meet quite a lot of impressive examples of how author's talent can become a source of pleasure for many people.

The Young author’s work

The sculpture “The Wandering king” is a work of Valeriy Malakhov, a young graduate from Belarusian Academy of Arts. The sculpture took its legal place – near not less famous Belarusian “Eiffel Tower” and Local Park of four elements, at Kozlova Street and Mir Avenue’s crossing, - in 2007. However, it had “travelled” through almost the whole Belarus before, for some time it stood in front of the Republic Rehabilitation disabled children entre. It was symbolic, taking into consideration the whole design’s concept.

It’s interesting, that the effect of forging doesn’t comply with the truth. The figures were casted in ungalvanized metal, processed with a special welding method. Only after that the metal was covered with special paint, which makes this unique and realistic effect.

The composition itself is quite massive (about 400 kg) and scaled, reaching 3 m height and 2,5 m width at the highest point. To except the mistake, the composition was firstly formed of cardboard and then sculptured out of plasticine. And only after the young talented sculptor was convinced of accomplished version, and submitted it to his education institution, half ton of metal came into play.

“The Wandering king” concept

A young author planned the sculpture as a symbol of eternal self-search. A man can change a city or even a country each month, but until he finds himself, he won’t be able to find a place in this world. This is a concept of eternal traveller, who doesn’t want to abide by his condition and who is in constant movement.

It is interesting, that it was planned to make the king alone. But in the process of making the sculpture, Valeriy Malakhov made quite an unexpected and chancy decision for that time – to cast a youthful princess in metal. The fact is that metal is considered to be a “male” material in art, and a number of women images made of metal can be counted on one hand.

The sculptor didn’t lose. When a princess appeared behind the wandering king, it brought completeness to the composition and not so strong tragedy. The king has a faithful travelling companion.

The other interpretation of used images consists in the fact that the old king symbolizes wisdom and strength, and a young girl – youth and search for the beauty.

The sculpture imprinted a moment, when the main characters, mounted on a horse, enter into the gates of a next city. It’s worth mentioning, that for harmony the author set up a small brick building with touching small windows and tetrahedral roofs close by the sculpture. In accordance with Malakhov’s idea, the sculpture is illuminated with the light, coming out of these houses’ windows.

 The “Wandering king” is one of the main sights of Soligorsk and attracts a great number of guests.

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