Lilac Alley of Milos
On April 20, a new lilac alley was laid in Chereya!
"... The estate, very energetically and skillfully managed by my mother, was rich in amazing landscapes. The beauty of parks and gardens made it almost a royal residence..." wrote Oscar Milos in his autobiography.
Little has been preserved from those times in Chere, but descendants have a desire and desire to return the place to its former attractiveness. A team of enthusiasts from Bila Tserkva, the organizers of the SPRAVA festival and the authors of the Chereya - Bila Tserkva: Interactive Guide project, with the help of volunteers and caring locals, planted 37 lilac seedlings of seventeen varieties! In a year or two, everyone who passes through Cherya in the spring will be able to admire the extraordinary beauty of this alley. And the locals will have a new place to walk and relax. There are plans to improve the old park with benches, a gazebo, a playground.

Information poles-pointers with signs in three languages - Belarusian, Russian and English - containing brief information about this place are installed near the sights of Cherey.
After work, all participants were invited to the House of Culture, where the presentation of the booklet "Cherya and the White Church in pictures, notes and memories" took place. The event was also attended by residents of Chereya, according to whose memories the booklet was created. Everyone received this edition as a gift and warm words of gratitude. For those who, due to their advanced age and health condition, could not attend the presentation, the author of the project, Katya Averkova, delivered the booklets home.

Materials on the history of Chereya, collected in the Chereya Library in the folder "Chareya, play an important role in the work of the project. Letapis"
Work on the project continues!