The “Dombrovka” Lock of the Augustow Canal

The “Dombrovka” Lock of the Augustow Canal


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The “Dombrovka” Lock of the Augustow Canal in Grodno Region

A majestic waterway, popular among Belarusians and travelers, lies through the Polish and Belarusian lands, connecting the Vistula with the Neman and rightfully belonging to the national treasure that is under the protection of UNESCO. The Augustow Canal represents a system of ancient locks and monumental bridges that make a journey unforgettable.

Locks are located in the Belarusian territory of the historical canal. The “Dombrovka” Lock is one of the most important, which located in the same-name settlement near Sopotskin, popular among tourists and rich in cultural sights. It is interesting that “Dombrovka” has its own history since the lock was built in the XIX century with the participation of Ignatiy Prondzinsky.

The “Dombrovka” Lock is very beautiful since it consists of a massive gate and drawbridge. That is why the Augustow Canal can be also crossed by land transport. During wars, that lock was destroyed but gradually restored and now continues bringing joy to numerous visitors.

Today, “Dombrovka” is an ensemble with picturesque landscapes, which can be seen from a boat with a melodic name “Neman”, there is also something on land that attracts the attention of tourists. First of all, it is a warden's house, dating back to the beginning of the last century and belonging to the retrospective-Russian style. The building was recently restored and now there is a small cozy hotel which is always glad to see its guests. Especially, there are many people when a thematic festival dedicated to the long history of the majestic canal takes place on these lands. Musical bands from Belarus, Lithuania and Poland come to such festivals. Many tourists come in summer when it's time for swimming and sunbathing.

The boat “Neman” begins its journey in “Dombrovka”, due to which you can explore all the delights of the Augustow Canal. So, there is a picturesque park within “Dombrovka” where people ride bicycles, arrange picnics, rest in cozy gazebos, see the bridges drawn without the help of automated mechanisms like in old times.

The “Dombrovka” Lock of the Augustow Canal is a perfect place for pleasant promenades and meetings.


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