The parish of the Icon of the Mother of God "Life-giving Spring"
In the tract of Proscha there was a temple consecrated in honor of the icon of the Mother of God "Joy to All Who Mourn." The temple probably existed here since ancient times, because, according to archival data, it was restored in 1866, and consecrated in 1867. Throughout its history, the Proschenskaya Church was assigned to the St. Vasilievsky parish of the village of Korytnoye. The church building was made of wood, in 1887 a bell tower was added to it. A wooden iconostasis painted with blue paint on a golden background was located on the solya. The iconostasis housed a locally venerated icon of the Mother of God with the inscription: "image of the Zhirovichi Mother of God." This icon includes the legend of the healing of two blind men with water from a well located near the Church of the Grove. In the 20s of the XX century, the temple burned down. The authorities allowed the revival of this church to begin only in the late 1980s, and already in 1992 the newly built church was consecrated. This time it was consecrated in honor of the icon of the Mother of God "Life-giving Spring".