National Flag Square

The National Flag square of the Republic of Belarus is situated on the Winners Avenue in Minsk. Do you know that this square is one of the youngest sights of our capital? It was officially opened in 2013. Anna Aksenova was the chief architect of the square.

The opening took place the day before the Independence Day of the Republic – on the 2nd of July. The President of the Republic of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, has made his contribution to the opening of the square. The opening was accompanied by the performance of the National Anthem and the shots of artillery salute. On the eve of the Independence Day there was a concert of popular singers of our republic. Remarkable fact, that there came a tradition to bring a solemn oath of allegiance to the national flag of the Republic of Belarus. The first people to bring it were the authorities in the field of science, culture, sport and industry.  At the end of the opening ceremony the sky was beautified with the fireworks and thousands of balloons painted in the colors of the national flag zoomed to the height.  A live webcast of the event took place on the main Belarusian TV channels.

As you may know the National Flag of the Republic of Belarus is an integral part of the past and present of the Belarusian people, a symbol of its independence. The red stripe on the flag symbolizes the courage of the people, the green one is the color of life, the color of Belarusian fields and forests. The white tracery indicates the purity and spirituality of the Belarusians.

The National Flag square is a circus 50 meters radius. In the middle of it there is a flagpole-stele 70 meters high. Under the pressure of the wind this pole can deviate up to a meter but it is not dangerous – the wind load is calculated liberal. Inside the flagpole-stele there is a staircase leading almost to the top. The flagpole was composed of four parts. On the top there is a banner of fixed size 14 by 7 meters. The total area of it is 98 meters, weight – 25 kg. The flag was made of a waterproof fabric, which doesn’t fade under the influence of the bright sun. The banner consists of 5 parts, it was spent about 300 meters of thread to crosslink them. The place for the future square has not been chosen accidentally. The wind blows constantly at this place allowing the flag to stay in motion all the time. When darkness falls and the backlights are switched on, the flagpole serves as a beacon of the city. On the slanted pedestal of the flagpole there is the Emblem of the Republic of Belarus.  

Along the perimeter of the square there are steles with the emblem of Minsk and regional centers of the Republic of Belarus depicted on them. On both sides of the central staircase there are stands with the map of Belarus and the text of the National Anthem. Along the perimeter there is a walkway.

The square borders on the front façade of “BelExpo” national exhibition center.  They are joined by the staircase 24 meters in length. Special events take place on the square. Also it is included to the list of city tourism infrastructure.