The First Stone of Soligorsk

The town of Soligorsk is an administrative unit of Soligorsk district which is situated in Minsk region. It lies on the bank of the Soligorsk reservoir. I wonder if you know that this reservoir is made in the riverbed of the river Sluch. It is noteworthy that at the moment Soligorsk is the second largest town among the places in Minsk region in terms of the population number.

The town of Soligorsk was established in July 1958. In that distant year the world`s largest deposits of potash salt were discovered here. Naturally that exploitation of the deposit was equated with All-Union top-priority Komsomol project. Potash salt is highly appreciated in agriculture as it is widely used for the production of fertilizers. All those years ago 211 workers from all over the USSR went to develop the fields of this useful natural mineral. In fact they became the town`s original settlers. In the same year on the 10thof August the builders held the meeting.  At that event the first symbolic town`s stone was laid. At the time it was a white cube made of concrete. The stone was laid near Chyzhevichy village which lies in close neighborhood of Soligorsk.

Initially the new settlement got the name of Novo-Starobynsk. It was placed on the territory of non-existing countryside Vishnyovka by name. But formally this name hasn`t been registered anywhere, we`ve got to know of it from the builders` stories. As a matter of fact the building of the workers` settlement as it was at that time began from the laid memorable stone. The town officially changed its name to Soligorsk only in August 1959. In 1968 10 years after the stone dedicated to the historical meeting for the town was brought and perpetuated this solemn moment for descendants. The stone was placed behind the Builders` Club.

To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the foundation  in honor of the builders of Soligorsk a memorial was erected in «Molodost» square that used to have the name of Leninskogo Komsomola square. And there was moved that very stone. There is a board on the stone with the words: «10.08.1958 here the town of Novo-Starobynsk was established».

Nowadays this very place is occupied by a commemorative composition consisting of ten concrete walls in the shape of flower petals. They are considered to be the embodiment of the periods of prime and development of the mining town. In the middle of the composition there is the boulder with a board on it saying: «10 August 1958 the meeting of the first builders of the trust №3 was held and the building of the town of Soligorsk was begun». Each stone pillar has the commemorative boards. They contain the texts describing achievements of the building trust №3 whose workers founded the town. The boards are constantly updated and complemented as new builders` achievements are documented. The authors of the composition are architects: Ilya Dyatlov, Ramil Maskov and Igor Pilatovich. Trees and flowerbeds have been planted around the monument to the builders of this town to enhance the beauty of the composition.

By the way, today the stone of Soligorsk turns out to be one of the main monuments in the town. Many sightseeing tours start their presentation of the town from here and only afterwards introduce the other memorable sites.