Victory Park , Krichev
Victory Park, stretching along Komsomolskaya Street, was
founded in 1967 in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Great October Revolution. The park has pedestrian paths, recreation areas, and small architectural forms. On the territory of the park there are: the Mound of Glory, the Alley of Glory,
a monument to the Afghans, a monument to the plane, a dance floor, a cafe.
The Walk of Fame is a worthy decoration of the street and park
Victory, the landmark of the city of Krichev and part
of the patriotic education of the younger generation.
The Alley of Fame begins from the roadway of Komsomolskaya St. and
The aircraft is being completed with a memorial plaque in memory of the feat
of pilot-captain Dashkin V.G.
The Sozh -2002 stadium, a hockey field, a complex of sports
facilities and a Sozh swimming pool are located next to the park.