Memorial sign to the internationalist soldiers
Many years have passed since a monument to internationalist soldiers appeared in Novolukoml. Then this event became a landmark for the district. It has become traditional to hold a rally here in mid-February. The 15th day of the last month of winter. It was this day that went down in history. Soviet troops finally left Afghanistan, thereby putting an end to the war. A lot has been said about the events taking place in the 80s of the last century. There are many contradictions. What were our troops doing there?.. What interests were defended?.. The soldiers and officers were doing their duty. Orders are not discussed in the army.

The citizens called it a symbol of love for life and great respect for the courage and heroism of our guys who passed through the inferno of Afghanistan. The solemn and mournful ceremony brought together representatives of the public, military units, local authorities, internationalist soldiers from Vitebsk, Chashnik, Lepel, Beshenkovichi districts, Polotsk, Novopolotsk. Special attention was paid to parents whose sons died honourably following the order of the Motherland. 115 residents of the district went through the heat of the Afghan war, six of them did not return home.