The monument in honor of 1000 anniversary of Brest

The monument in honor of 1000 anniversary of Brest was set up through the local people and the finance of the authorities at the crossing of Sovetskaya and Gogol Street in 2009. The ceremonial opening was organized on the day of 990 anniversary of Brest 10 years earlier because then the anniversary will be only in 2019.

The monument is seen far away. Its height is 15 meters. The crown of it is an angel’s figure that is the guard of Brest. He has a cross and a shield. A little bit below, there are images of famous historical persons such as Prince Vladimyr Vasilkovich, the head of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Vitovt and state figure of the 16th century Nikolay “the Black” Radziwill. There are also images of a mother, a soldier and a chronicler.

There is a high relief under the sculpture. It comprises 11 square meters. It depicts main events from the history of Brest: 6 historical plots. The first one tells about the foundation of the town. Of course there are a lot of opinions about that. But the author prefers the most popular one. In ancient times, a trade man who couldn’t cross a big swamp, made a raft of the birch bark for it. Then he founded a town on the place and named it Berestye in honor of the birch bark that helped him.

The opposite part of the high relief is devoted to the battle of Grunwald that happened in 1410. Here the prince Vitovt and the King of Poland Yagaylo developed the plan of the fight. The monument has a fragment of it. There is also a flag of Berestye set up after the victory and angel’s blessing given to soldiers. The high relief also tells about the building of Brest, the publishing of Brest Bible, the protection of Brest fortress and of course, mastering of the space.

All plots are reflected in the monument not by chance. The braveness of the soldiers who protected Brest fortress is famous all over the world. The first Belarusian who left the earth was Petr Klimuk, an inhabitant of Komarovka village, Brest region, that’s why the monument contains space elements.

At the bottom of the monument, there are 12 chronological plates that look like clocks. They depict fateful events for Brest.

The festival in honor of the opening was saddened. Attentive inhabitants founded 75 wrong notes at the endorsement. The plates had to be taken off and the faults were to be corrected. In 2011, the memorial was surrounded by a fence that finished the composition.