А monument to Suvorov in Kobryn

There are several interesting pages in the long history of the amazing and well-known city of Kobryn. They are closely linked with the life of the famous Russian military commander Alexander Suvorov.

Empress Catherine II gave the city of Kobryn to Alexander Suvorov for the victory over the uprising of Kostyushko. Here was built a modest estate which is situated in the very center of Kobryn today. It was a gentry’s urban house that was not distinguished by fine architecture, located on the outskirts. However, the gift was truly Royal and luxurious at that time.

It is worth noting that there are three memorials in the city of Kobryn. They were created in honor of Alexander Suvorov: a full-length monument to the commander and two busts.

A bust to Alexander Suvorov was established in 1949 opposite the entrance of Kobryn Military and Historical Museum that is also named after the commander. Its exposition is dedicated to Suvorov and is placed in the house where he was living during some time. The bust is made of bronze. The author of this work is the famous sculptor P. Kyuferle.

The second bust is located at the very end of a picturesque avenue in the park named after Alexander Suvorov. It appeared here a year later, in 1950, on that place where originally there was the house of great commander Alexander Suvorov. The author of this outstanding work of art is the sculptor A. I. Rukavishnikov.

And finally, the third full-length monument to Suvorov is situated in the park on a fork of Soviet and Pushkina Streets. This monument was erected in 1964. Its creator was the famous Leningrad sculptor V. S. Chebotaryov. The monument was cast in iron. It has a portrait likeness with the commander. The figure of Alexander Suvorov stands on a rather high (2.25 m) tetrahedral pedestal in the center of a triangle area where a memorial plate with the years of the life of Suvorov is. The height of the monument is 2.6 meters. Suvorov faces the West, he leans on his sword with his right hand while the left one shows off into the distance. The prophetic phrase once told by him involuntarily comes to mind: “The whole Europe will vainly move to Russia…” A dynamic and sophisticated silhouette of Suvorov contrasts with the massive form of the pedestal. The sculpture conveys the image of the military commander very realistically: an enthusiastic facial expression, a thin figure in the uniform with a sash over the shoulder, and high boots with spurs.

The famous Church of Sts. Peter and Paul is closely connected with the great name of Suvorov: the commander visited it practically every day, often he climbed the bell tower or sang in the Church choir. Suvorov had a powerful commander’s bass for what he gained respect both among the singers and the parishioners. The relic, the psalmbook of Alexander Suvorov with the inscription: “Suvorov sang and read using this psalmbook”, has been kept with much love and respect in the Church till our days.      

It is worth noting that today the Shrine of Sts. Peter and Paul is known as Suvorov among the people.