Monument to the founders of Kobrin

Kobryn is one of the most ancient towns in Belarus. First it was a fish village. According to legends, the settlement belonged to the heir of Kiev prince Izyaslav that liked hunting in local forests and who once found a very picturesque island. The island was watered by the river Muhovets and two streams of the river Kobrinka. Later the fishing village began to boom: houses were built, fields grew. Forests were cut out. And a wealthy place attracted warriors.

Prince Vladimyr Vasylkovich became the owner of it in the end of the 13th century. And he is considered to be the founder of Kobryn.

The monument in honor of Prince Vladimir the Great and his wife Olga was built in Kobryn in Suvorov street in 2009. First the town was mentioned in 1287. The town was in the will of the prince when he left Kobryn and the village of Gorodets to his wife. This very mentioning became a plot for the monument. It’s situated in a crowded place where anybody can pay attention to this masterpiece.

There are Prince Vladimir and Princess Olga on a meter plinth from red granite. The lines and forms are clear. The peaceful and thoughtful face of Olga gets alive near the imperious and dreamy Prince Vladimir.

What can we say about his personality? He was a great reformer of his time. He developed trade, empowered and protected towns, built churches, painted icons. Princess Olga was famous for the participation in writing of the Hypatian Codex, one of the most important historical sources of ancient Russian State. At present, the bronze monument decorates the town. The great prince stretches his hand like blessing the town and the people. The monument is made by Alexandr Lyshchik that is famous for his monument of a beaver in Bobruisk and a shoe from bronze in Orsha.

Nowadays a lot of people in Kobryn know the true founders of the town.