A monument to Lenin in Vitebsk

A monument to Lenin in Vitebsk


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Vitebsk monument to V.I.Lenin can be considered a unique sculptural work because residents of this regional center were the first who proposed to erect a monument to the great revolutionary immediately after his death. This construction is on the city square that was also named in honor of the leader of the proletariat. It became the first construction of such type on the territory of modern Belarus and one of thirst throughout the USSR.

The history of the creation of the monument to Lenin in Vitebsk

They began to talk about construction of the monument at a memorial meeting of the City Council on January 24, 1924. The affirmative decision was made quickly and the unveiling of a new local attraction was held on November 7, 1930. A figure of the leader cast from lead with the right hand raised was set on a small pedestal. During the parades the monument was used as a stage from which speeches were made about the bright future of socialism. This sculpture was considered to be the main Vitebsk object of this type.

The design of the unique creation was charged Leningrad chemical-technological Institute. At the competition won the project of students of M.F.Baburin, R.N.Budilov, B.Malyutin and Z.K.Taurit, who later participated in the creation of the ensemble of the famous Piskaryovskoye cemetery in St. Petersburg.

According to some sources, in 1940 representatives of the local authority decided to pull down the construction that, according to them, was not of artistic value, and to establish another variant of this sight.  

In what does the modern monument to Lenin differ?

In 1942 the city was occupied by the German invaders who, among other things, sought to destroy cultural values in the occupied territories. By the same reason they blew up the main attraction of Vitebsk and the remaining lead fragments decided to cast into hockey pucks.  

The modern variant of the monument was set in 1956. Its project was designed by the architect P.Yurchenko and sculptors M.Aleschenko and G.Arapov. The height of the figure of the leader is 4.4 m, and the height of a tetrahedral pedestal, on which it is located, is 5.2 m. This part of the composition is added with a step stylobate, faced with polished granite.

It seems that Lenin is preparing to make a speech to his followers. Traditionally he holds a cap in his right hand, while the left hand is pulled forward as if pointing a cherished way to the promised better future. The surname of the leader is engraved in Belarusian on one of the plates.

Vitebsk is the Belarusian “capital” of monuments to Lenin

In different years there were 11 busts and monuments to the leader of socialism, 8 of which have been preserved to our days. Very often young residents of Vitebsk make appointments near the construction on the square, because this place has long become a kind of spatial reference point for citizens.   

The monument to Lenin attracts attention of all guests of the city and is a tourist object as well. 

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, Vitebsk , Belarus
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