A monument to V. I. Lenin in Baranovichi

A monument to V. I. Lenin in Baranovichi


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                Baranovichi is a rather young city in comparison with many Belarusian settlements. Railway tracks, which were laid in 1871 and connected Moscow with Brest, are of great importance in the foundation and development of Baranovichi.  A village began to grow rapidly on the territory of Baranovichi in the subsequent time.  

                And after the connection of Western Belarus with the BSSR on December 4, 1939, Baranovichi became a regional center of Soviet Belarus.

               Today Baranovichi is one of cleanest and coziest Belarusian cities. It is worth noting that many enterprises are built on the outskirts but the city has been growing so rapidly that after a time it surrounds them again. Undoubtedly, besides the famous railway station, there are many other attractions in the city.

                It is worth paying attention to a monument of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin which was erected on the square of the same name in Baranovichi in 1960. The creators of this sculpture are the talented sculptors Milovidov, Ozhogov and Marenich. It is worth noting that in the past, a monument to Stalin was at the same place, where the monument to Lenin stands now. But it was moved to another place by the agreement with Baranovichi city executive committee.

                The installation of the new memorial took place on April 22, on the day of the 90th anniversary of the birth of the leader of the proletariat.

                The figure of Lenin is presented in full growth in this monument and reaches a height of 4.6 meters. Its height together with a pedestal is 11.2 meters. The sculpture of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin stands on an asymmetrically positioned high pedestal, which is lined with red tiles. An oblong horizontal tribune is connected with a small step-like stylobate. The statue of the leader of the proletariat depicts him in motion.  The features of Lenin’s appearance amaze with details and authentic portrait features. In spite of a huge size and laconic detailed representation, the monument stands out for expression and expressiveness.  The square around the monument is paved with catchy and underscoring the importance of the monument natural stone.

                Various concerts with the participation of the residents of Baranovichi as well as guest stars are often held on the square where the memorial to Vladimir Ilyich Lenin is. Today behind the leader there are various successfully functioning cafés, Italian restaurants, Italian restaurants, pastry shops and beauty salons. Life is running its course: new churches are being built and consecrated, interesting monuments are being erected. But Lenin still looks down from his pedestal, as in many other towns and cities of the Republic.  

                The city of Baranovichi amazes not only with its architectural and monumental constructions but also its especially inimitable beauty of local places. Many travelers come to this cozy city not only to plunge into its history and appreciate local attractions but also to admire the local unique beauty.  

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