The monument to Gritsevets in Minsk

The monument to Gritsevets in Minsk


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Minsk always honors its heroes. Perhaps that is why there are so many monuments and memorials there dedicated to some national or international heroes. And the monument to Gritsevets is an excellent example of this. It is a tribute not only to one particular person, but also to the entire Soviet people that have done their best in numerous fights and battles over the years.

The story of the hero

Sergey Ivanovich Gritsevets was born in 1909 and during his short life (only 30 years) managed to do many great and important things in the history. Interestingly, most of them took place not in Belarus or the Soviet Union but abroad.

Major in rank and a fighter pilot by profession, Sergey Gritsevets shot down about forty enemy planes in the period from 1936 to 1938, when Spain was shaken from the national-revolutionary movement, and thirty of them only in the first year. It is known that he destroyed seven Nazi planes during one day. It, of course, could not but affected the whole course of hostilities.

The young pilot was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union for that reason and for the courage.

The second similar award was granted to Sergey Gritsevets already in 1939, during the hostilities in Khalkhin-Gol. At that time, the Soviet troops fought with the Japanese army. There was a moment when the commander of the entire unit was forced to eject from the burning aircraft and was seriously injured while landing with a parachute. Brave Sergey Gritsevets was not afraid to go on his single plane in the middle of a battle and to pick up their commander. Perhaps the enemies did not attack the brave pilot, being caught up with such a sacrifice.

Unfortunately, the hero died in the same year, doing the job on the territory of the country, particularly in the village of Bolbasovo, Vitebsk region.

Eternal memory

Of course, the name of the first in the history of the USSR twice hero of the Soviet Union could not be forgotten. One of the streets of the capital was named in his honor as soon as in 1952. It is located near the underground station "Tractor Plant". And still later, in 1966, the memorial sign appeared on the facade of one of the houses in Gritsevets street.

Interesting fact is that the streets named after the hero are also in Moscow, Orsha, Kharkov and some other cities of the former Soviet Union.

There is also a monument to the hero in Minsk, which can be seen today in the city centre on the cozy boulevard in Lenin Street. Initially it was situated on the territory of Yanka Kupala’s Park.

The date when the monument was established was 1955, and the talented architects who had designed it were the G. V. Sysoev, and S. Musinsky, sculptural design was made by notorious Z. I. Azgur.

The monument itself is pretty impressive and even somewhat sternly. Everyone who happens to be nearby feels awe and admiration by the story of a man who devoted his life to the struggle for justice and for his homeland.

A visit to this monument can be included in the theme (military, historical) and just an ordinary excursion program in the capital. And the convenience of its location allows any resident and guest of Minsk to see this piece of art easily.

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