Monument to the Hero of the Soviet Union F.F. Ozmitel
In February 1942, F. Ozmitel headed a special purpose detachment "Grozny", operating in the triangle Orsha - Vitebsk-Smolensk. Under his command, until September 1942, the detachment conducted more than ten major operations, derailed nine enemy echelons, blew up twenty-two cars, four bridges. Since May 1943, Fyodor Fedorovich has been the commander of the partisan detachment "Thunder".

In June 1944, during the enemy blockade at Lake Palik (Minsk region) Senior Lieutenant F.F. Ozmitel commanded a group to break the blockade. On June 15, the partisans broke through 3 enemy lines of defense, and most of them came out of the blockade. F.F. Ozmitel was seriously wounded and remained to cover the partisan retreat with fire. When he ran out of ammo, he blew himself and his enemies up with a bunch of grenades.

On September 3, 1977, a monument to the Hero was inaugurated in Novolukoml - a stella with a bronze bas-relief portrait. The central boulevard of the city is named after him. In 2004, on the eve of the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus from the Nazi invaders, the monument was reconstructed.