Monument to brothers Lizyukov in Gomel

The feats accomplished during the Great Patriotic War will never be forgotten. Each city has monuments dedicated to the Great Victory. In 2019, on Independence Day, a memorial sign to the Lizyukov brothers was solemnly installed in Gomel. Brothers died in different places, but they were immortalized in bronze in their hometown. Earlier, the street was named after the front-line soldiers.

The feats of the heroes

You can write a book about the life of the Lizyukov brothers. The senior Eugene commanded a partisan detachment in the Minsk region. On July 7, 1944, he was heading to Minsk with a detachment to take part in a partisan parade. However, on the way to the capital, the detachment encountered a German fascist group. The enemy was not allowed to pass, but Yevgeny died in hand-to-hand combat.

The middle Peter was an artilleryman and fought in the very heat. His regiment even took part in the Battle of Stalingrad. On January 31, 1945, the brigade of Pyotr Lizyukov went to the aid of comrades in arms: there was a threat of an enemy breakthrough in their sector. The commander organized a defense and died in the battle.

The younger Alexander became known at the beginning of the war. Thanks to the heroic defense of the crossings near Borisov and Smolensk, thousands of Soviet soldiers emerged from the encirclement. He commanded a division, a tank army, and was promoted to major general. Killed in a battle near Voronezh in 1943.

For their exploits, brothers Peter and Alexander Lizyukov were awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. It is noteworthy that in the entire USSR there were only 12 families, in which two people at once received such a title.

The erection of the monument

The concept of the composition has changed more than once, the work was carried out by the Gomel sculptor V. Kondratenko. He studied archival photographs, communicated with relatives and tried to show the character of each character.

The monument to the Lizyukovs is located on Victory Square, opposite the library of Lenin. 

The brothers seem to be holding a perimeter defense, standing shoulder to shoulder. They look at the city from a pedestal. Alexander holds a tablet with a map of Voronezh in his hands. Peter is holding binoculars. And Eugene is standing with a gun.

What to see in the city above the Sozh

A guide was written about the sights of Gomel. Study it if you plan to come here. Here you can see not only the palace and park complex! The winter garden, the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, the puppet theater, Gromyko square are just a few of the sights.

There are many places in the city that will appeal to everyone who is interested in history and wants to pay tribute to the memory of the front-line soldiers. There are other monuments in Gomel dedicated to the Great Patriotic War:

  • Memorial Eternal Flame;

  • Monument to Soldiers-Internationalists;

  • Monument to Soldiers-Liberators (T-34 tank);

  • Memorial to the underground militias.

The city is adorned with creative sculptures and art objects. Book a tour for 2 days to see as many sights of Gomel as possible. You will get acquainted with architecture, take many beautiful photographs and recharge with positive emotions.