Lake Luban in Kobrin district

Lake Luban in Kobrin district


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Among the attractive landscapes of Belarusian Polesie, in Kobrin district, of famous Brest region, where the picturesque heights alternate with a chain of delightful meadows, dense forests, emerald marshes with an exceptional natural ecosystem, clean rivers and meliorative canals, there is a lake of glacial origin called Luban. This lake belongs to the Mukhavets river basin and it is located near the town of Kobrin and the village of Divin.

This lake’s area reaches 1.83 square kilometers, the width is about 1.5 kilometers, and the length reaches 5.85 kilometers.

The lake plays the part of not only unusual natural value for the Republic of Belarus, but it is also considered to be one of the favorite vacation spots for the village’s population and multiple surrounding areas. There are several recreation centers near Luban lake, as well as a children's health camp called "Volna".

A large number of fishermen often gather on the lake, because there are really a lot of fish such as pike, bream, perch, roach, ruff, etc.

The water in this lake is quite clean, which is proved by the large number of crayfish.

Thanks to meliorative canals, the lake is flooded with multi-flow crystal-clear waters. This water body’s fauna, as has been mentioned earlier, is represented with various fish. Catching of large pike and catfish gives a special pleasure for fishermen.

Lake Luban is surrounded with heterogeneous forests and a pine forest, densely populated with reptiles, huge number of birds, animals and insects. Some age-old trees were given the status of natural monuments. Floodplain meadows, intoxicating with the fragrance of freshly cut grass stretch around the lake basin, which gleams with blue water. This water body’s banks are overgrown with reeds, which rustle quietly, as if whispering with the waves.

Near Lake Luban, where the majestic pine trees are directed into the skies and the fragrances of herbs fascinate, there are recreation centers, the sanatorium complex "Rassvet" with a boat station and a beach equipped with everything necessary. Tourists peacefully walk along the paved paths, catch fish, ride boats, which slowly slide over the water, swim and sunbathe. Extreme sports fans have opted for this lake as well. Here the wind power is favorable for athletes who go in for kiting.

There are archaeological monuments on the left bank of the lake. Ancient encampments, which belong to the Mesolithic and Neolithic periods, the settlements that were formed in the Bronze Age are of particular interest.

The lakes of the Republic of Belarus are not the only wealth of our country. The forests, that are located on its vast territory, are no less attractive. Thus the lake of Luban is encircled with the delightful pine beauty, sublime and stately, which is a real delight to look at, and to rest here is an unthinkable bliss. Here you can enjoy not only pure air and pine aroma, but also gift yourself a portion of good mood for a long time!



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