Oshmyansky Museum of Local Lore named after F.K.Bogushevich
A small old town in the north-west of Belarus, almost on the border with Lithuania, is Oshmyany. And today, researchers can't say with certainty why exactly they are confused?! In the fire of past wars, the main part of the archive was burned, only versions remained...There are several opinions about the origin of the name Oshmyany. According to some researchers, the name of the place was formed from the Lithuanian word ašmenys, which means “point”, or from the Lithuanian akmenas — “stone". Oshmyany was first mentioned in 1341 as a settlement of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

Oshmyanchina is rich in historical and cultural heritage, which was created by our ancestors for centuries. The center of preservation and popularization of the historical heritage of the region is the Oshmyansky Museum of Local Lore named after F. K. Bogushevich.
The museum was founded according to the resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Belarusian SSR dated 27.09.1952 "on the opening of local history museums of the BSSR". In 1953, the construction of the premises for the museum began, in the same year the institution was named after F. K. Bogushevich. In 1955, the construction of the building and the exposition of the museum was completed. In the year of opening, the museum had a department of socialist construction and a memorial corner dedicated to the Belarusian poet-democrat F. Bogushevich.  In 1963, the museum was transferred to public grounds and transferred to a boarding school. It was located in a one-story school building. A new exposition was opened here in 1968.
In 1970, there were already 10 halls in the Oshmyansk Museum of Local Lore. In 1987, the exposition was updated. In August 2000, the museum was moved to a historic building in the middle of the XIX century in the city center. Soon the museum was closed for major repairs, which was completed in 2009. For 4 years, the museum worked without a permanent exhibition, using an exhibition system.
Since November 2013, the museum has opened a new exhibition, which is a qualitatively new artistic solution. Transparent and light, informative and memorable, the exposition found positive reviews and remained in the memory of not only a large number of visitors, but also received high praise at the state level. The current exposition consists of 4 halls "the world of nature","Oshmyany from antiquity to the beginning of the XXI century","famous places of the Oshmyany region","pages of the history of the region in the twentieth century".
The pride of the collection of the Oshmyansky Museum is a memorial complex of personal furniture and belongings of a public figure and one of the founders of the new Belarusian literature - Frantishka Kazimirovich Bogushevich. Two armchairs, a table mirror, a console, a marble vase and a wooden ashtray convey the atmosphere of the poet's house in Kushlyany. The memorial corner is complemented by a medallion with the image of Frantishka Bogushevich, made in 1901. Stanislav Yarotsky and installed in the Zhupransky church.
In addition to the permanent exhibition, the museum has an exhibition hall with an area of 37 sq. m., where various exhibitions change regularly.
Museum visitors are offered a sightseeing tour of the museum, as well as a number of thematic excursions, museum classes, lectures and quest games for younger schoolchildren.