Obelisk to Sirotinin N.V. in Sokolnichi village of Krichevsky district
Nikolay Vladimirovich Sirotinin (22.03.1921 – 17.07.1941) was a participant in the battles against the Nazi invaders on the territory of Belarus during the Great Patriotic War.On July 17, 1941, the 55th regiment, which makes up the rear guard of the 6th Division, retreated to the swampy river Dobrost, near the village of Sokolnichi, and prepared to repel the enemy attack. When the advanced column of enemy tanks approached the river, the regimental units opened fire. The gun disguised in rye was especially accurate. In this unequal battle, Nikolai Sirotinin knocked out 11 tanks and 7 armored personnel carriers, 57 enemy soldiers were killed. The hero died, having fulfilled his military duty to the end. The fascists buried him with all military honors. The remains of N.V. Sirotinin were reburied in 1957 in the mass grave of Soviet soldiers in Krichev. He was posthumously awarded the Order of the Patriotic War I degree, a street in Krichev was named after him, an obelisk was erected on the battlefield, a 75-mm cannon was installed on a concrete pedestal.