The Museum of railway equipment in Baranovichi

The Museum of railway equipment in Baranovichi



Railway transport is one of the first means of transport in the world. The first engine prototype was designed back in 1769, and only in 50 years the world saw the first rail steam locomotive. Since that moment a rapid railway equipment development has begun. 

Nowadays, a great quantity of people use the railway transport in Belarus yearly. The history of its development is of great interest in our country. Thus, the Museum of railway equipment is located in Baranovichi, Brest region.

The Museum was opened in 1999, and today it is considered to be a real decoration of the town. And the town itself owes its origin exclusively to the railway. In 1871 a rail track was built on Smolensk-Brest direction, along which dozens of stations were erected. It is around one of such large stations a town was built, which is the largest industrial and cultural centre nowadays. Baranovichi Museum, by the way, is considered one of the first holder of such expositions in Belarus.

The museum’s origin history started in 1984, when a public museum of Baranovichi railroad department was opened there. After 4 years the exposition was no longer public, and the museum itself became a part of Belarusian railway department. In 1999 the government assigned a special department on the museum’s basis, that was in charge of railway equipment. By the end of the XX century that museum was considered to be the largest in Belarus, and was located, by the way, in the open air. Now a competitor appeared – a similar exposition was represented at Brest museum.

An engine of series “B” decorates the entrance to the Baranovichi Musem. Such a “car” went for a ride firstly on a new route “Smolensk-Brest”. Here you can get acquainted with the exposition arrangement scheme, as some visitors may lose their way. You can see and examine locomotives, diesel locomotives, passenger and freight train of different usage time, models of platforms and bogies, various water supply in the engine devices, tracks repair equipment and a mass of other not less interesting exhibits.

The visit to the Museum of railway equipment in Baranovichi can become a captivating event not only for specialists in this sphere, but also for ordinary people. Here you can get to know the railway transport development in Belarus and abrosb into the railway workers’ routine and work. You can feel the real power and beauty of  massive equipment and broaden you knowledge about railway transport.

Truly unique exhibits are presented at the museum. A great majority of exhibited equipment at the museum can only be seen in the pictures in the books, that is why people from other regions come here on excursions.

At the Baranovichi Museum you can get acquainted with many unique and creative ideas, which were realized by rails constructing. By the way, the museum is enlarged and replenished with new equipment.

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