Egg Museum in the agro-town of Zalesye

Egg Museum in the agro-town of Zalesye

Zalesie, Sovetskaya str. 50


There are no museums in the world! And with a savvy flea as an exhibit, and with miniature copies of sights, and with bread (the latter, incidentally, can boast the agro-town of Botvinovo, located in the Chechersk District). Another amazing museum has appeared in the Chechersk region dedicated to ... an egg. And no, it's not about the Faberge eggs, which, of course, are worthy of the title of a museum exhibit, and not specifically about chicken eggs. The Egg Museum in the agro-town of Zalesyeis dedicated to the wonderful Easter tradition of painting and painting eggs. But about everything in order


How it was: the history of the Egg Museum in the Chechersk region

The agro-town of Zalesye, where the egg exposition was opened, is known primarily for its main attraction - the estate of the famous Belarusian composer Mikhail Kleofas Oginsky. He went down in history as the author of the Polonaise «Farewell to the Motherland», which the people have long dubbed the «Oginsky Polonaise». The manor has been restored and constantly receives tourists from all over Belarus.

Now, with the opening of the new museum, there will be two reasons to visit Zalesye. To hold festivals in honor of the Easter holiday has long been a good tradition in the Chechersk region. 

These days in the village of Zalesye are very exciting:

  • an exhibition of Easter products is organized,

  • You can visit the fair-sale and buy handmade souvenirs from Belarusian craftsmen,

  • the festival organizes performances of creative teams,

  • invited to attend workshops on painting eggs

  • Anyone can take part in various creative contests of Easter crafts and drawings.

In addition, the festival constantly arranged exposition of painted eggs created from various materials and painted using a variety of techniques. Over time, there were so many exhibits that it was decided to open a special museum so that everyone could admire the works of art regardless of the holidays and the seasons. The Egg Museum appeared in Zalesye in 2016. It is planned that his visit will become part of the route «The Golden Ring of Chechersk region».

What you will see in the Egg Museum

The tour is interactive, so feel free to come here with the children. The ticket price includes a visit to the exposition, as well as various games dedicated to Easter. You can paint a paper egg yourself and hang it on the tree of desires. By the way, a young apple tree, which is attributed to extraordinary properties, appeared here for a reason. It was imprisoned in honor of the first Easter festival, and since then it has been gladdening the locals and guests of Zalesye, fulfilling their wishes.

The exposition of the amazing museum is a variety of different eggs and other Easter souvenirs. Many are made not only from unusual, but also from scrap materials. There are eggs of traditional size, and there is a special exhibit that stands out among the rest in size. This egg is not simple. If you have a cherished desire - touch it and guess about yourself. You will see, it will certainly come true!

«Golden Ring of Chechersk region»: what else can you visit

Chechersk is a very small city, but at the same time truly unique. Where else can you see a church without a single angle? The Savior Transfiguration Church is a rotunda temple, the only circular church in Belarus. The town hall is no less unique: firstly, one of the oldest in the Gomel region, and secondly, it has even more towers than Mir Castle - five! When the Egg Museum officially becomes part of the «Golden Ring of Chechersk region» route, this excursion will be one of the most memorable and amazing tours in the Gomel region.

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