Yakub Kolas Museum in Pinkovichi

Almost every student knows poems and novels of this Belarusian writer. It is impossible to overestimate his contribution to the development of Belarusian literature and culture. Therefore, there are Yakub Kolas museums in many Belarusian cities and towns.

One of such museums is located in the village Pinkovichi of the Pinsk district, in the Brest region. Yakub Kolas is respected here not only for his work but also for the huge contribution to the development of the village itself. During some period of time, Yakub Kolas worked as a teacher in a local school. Therefore, it explains why people treat the life and activity of the great poet with special awe and respect.

The appearance of Kolas in Pinkovichi happened for a reason: very young Yakub was in love with a beautiful daughter of one Belarusian nobleman. At that time, the poet was not famous, so the girl's father did not appreciate the candidacy of Kolas and sent his daughter in Novogrudok. There she married "equal" to herself. Then Constantine Mickiewicz (the real name of Kolas) changed his place of work. So, he came in Pinkovichi. By the way, the image of this girl was used for creating a character in the famous novel "At the crossroads".

Unhappy love of Mickiewicz brought him in the village Pinkovichi in 1904. After a while, local people liked him as a teacher and person. At that time, only boys went to school and Yakub Kolas persuaded parents to allow girls go to school as well. In addition, he respected every single person and people were kind to him as well.

The Yakub Kolas museum keeps many different recollections about the work of Mickiewicz. There are stories of people who met him. All the stories are full of warmth and kindness towards Kolas. Although he worked in Pinkovichi only for two years, people remember and love him.

He had to leave Pinkovichi because of his unpleasant experience with a local nobleman since the future writer tried to help peasants in fighting for their lands. The nobleman did not like it and wrote a petition to the authorities, that’s why Kolas had to leave Pinkovichi.

A few years later, Konstantin returned to his favorite place. In Pinsk, by the way, the writer met his wife - Maria Kamenskaya, their first child Daniel was born there. Custodians of the Yakub Kolas museum tell about all these moments in life and work of the Belarusian poet and writer.

The museum is located on the very site where, in the early XX century, the great figure of culture and art of Belarus lived and worked. And the local people are proud to tell everyone that once Yakub Kolas himself visited this place.