The Museum of Nature and Ecology of the Republic of Belarus in Minsk

A great number of birds, animals and insects inhabit the Republic of Belarus. You can see all this variety in the Museum of Nature and Ecology of the Republic of Belarus, which is located in the city of Minsk, on K. Marks Street, 12.

The Museum was founded in 1983 as a nature branch of the State Museum of BSSR, and in 1992 this Museum received the name of the State Museum of Nature and Ecology of the Republic of Belarus. Since 2014 it has been a branch of the National Natural History Museum.  Though, the Museum has its own exhibition halls. They are the buildings located on Bogdanovich Street, 9A and Kazinets Street, 117 in Minsk city.  Now there are temporary exhibition projects. In total the funds of the Museum have 42 000 exhibits, and the whole territory of the exhibition halls covers 450 sq. meters. It should be noted that from year to year the Museum is visited by no less than 100 000 people and more than 2700 excursion programs are conducted here. The Museum includes six exhibition halls. Each of the halls has its unique theme which tells about the whole diversity of Belarusian nature in general.  

It is also worth noting that the forming of exhibitions is made according to four areas: Geology, Zoology, flora, as well as poster Fund. Exhibits for the Museum were found not only on the territory of Belarus, but also abroad. Permanent functioning exhibitions occupy six rooms, which tell about the nature and its biological diversity directly on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. Any of the rooms also has its own theme: seasonal modifications in natural environment, aquatic and semi-aquatic flora and fauna, minerals, the formation of organic environment, birds and specifics of their vital functions in urban environment. Also there are several expositions devoted to acquaintance with unnatural animals’ phenomena. Important attention in the Museum is devoted to specially protected areas: parks, nature reserves and nature monuments. Here are held excursion programs covering more than 20 themes. The Museum of Nature and Ecology holds both permanent and travelling exhibitions, which tell about the huge variety of wildlife, including rare species, which are endangered and listed in the Red Book of the Republic of Belarus.

The Museum has stuffed animals and birds of such unusual species as roller, European bee-eater, kingfisher and even bisons.  During the excursion you can learn the history of the revival of the population of this giant. Unfortunately, today some mammals can be seen only in the Museum of nature, because nowadays they no longer exist in nature.

The main purpose of this Museum is popularization of both scientific and ecological knowledge, as well as educating the rising generation to take good care of natural environment.

Also for students and schoolchildren the Museum holds lectures and excursions devoted to protecting natural objects.

The Museum employees conduct various events and competitions for children.

Those who are planning to spend a memorable holiday in the city of Minsk should definitely visit the Museum of Nature and Ecology in the Republic of Belarus.