The Museum of nature and everyday life in the village of Lyaskovichi

The Nature Museum in Lyaskovichi is a kind of starting point in an exciting journey through the Pripyat Polesie.  It is here where tourists gain knowledge about the natural resources of this protected area. The Museum is situated in the administrative center of the National Park “Pripyatsky”, in the agro-town of Lyaskovichi.

In the very heart of Polesie

Lyaskovichi Museum of nature and everyday life is the youngest of the museums of Belarus of ecological orientation. In 2010 the President of Belarus came here and promised the locals that their idea of creating a Museum would be soon implemented. The modern building of the future Museum was built during a year.

In 2012, during the second festival of ethnic culture “Zov Polesia” (The Call of Polesie), the leader of the country himself cut the ribbon at the opening of the new Museum. The building has original architectural forms.

What will attract in Lyaskovichi Nature Museum?

The Museum is aimed at promoting the principles of nature protection, forming an ecological worldview of visitors and popularizing the traditional Polesie culture. But the main task is to acquaint visitors with the peculiarities and history of the National Park “Pripyatsky”.

For this purpose the Nature Museum comprises six theme halls.

The geological exposition is located in the lobby of the Museum. Here is a scheme of a composite section of Turov geological hole. Its depth reaches 2.3 km.

The Hall of Archaeology. There are archaeological findings fr om Pripyat settlements on the stands.  The exhibits tell about the first people, who lived in this place, and their customs.

The Hall of History. The exposition is dedicated to the history of the creation and development of the National Park “Pripyatsky” that covers an area of about 190 thousand hectares. In 1996 it received the Status of the National Park. Before that time, since 1969, it had been a reserve. It has the international status of the key ornithological territory.

The Hall of Nature. According to many visitors, it is the most interesting hall in the Museum. The hall is decorated with dioramas, stuffed animals and art paintings. Here are presented 4 basic landscapes of Polesie. And in addition, here are 56 species of birds, 18 species of wild animals, 8 species of fish.

The Hall of Ethnography. The basis of the exposition is an imitation of a typical home of Polesie residents in the 19th century. Here are authentic household items: a spinning wheel, fishing gear, carpets with embroidery, blacksmith's tools, etc. Here are presented expositions dedicated to apiculture and hunting.

The Hall of Waterways. At the entrance, right at visitors’ feet, there is a map of the waterways of Polesie. Every visitor will be able here to follow the way “fr om the Varangians to the Greeks”. Among the exhibits there are samples of maritime flags, rigging and navigable artifacts.

The Museum also includes a spacious conference hall for 100 seats, wh ere are held scientific conferences, seminars on ecology and various lectures. Here is an exhibition hall as well. A souvenir shop works here, wh ere you can buy ceramic, straw and flax items. The hotel “Over the Pripyat” is located across the street from the Museum.  

The Nature Museum in Lyaskovici works from 8.30 to 17.30. The entrance ticket in 2016 cost 4 rubles, for children – 2 rubles.

Interesting facts

For a long time of the Director of the National Park “Pripyatskiy” has been Stepan Bambiza, a cousin of Ivan Bambiza, the Deputy General Secretary of the Union State and the former Deputy Prime Minister.

In 2016 the beauty contest “Beauty of Polesie” was held for the second time during the festival “Zov Polesia” (The Call of Polesie), and a film program was organized in the Nature Museum.

There are many storks in Lyaskovichi, over 30 nests. It is a wonderful place for lovers and newlyweds.