Vladimir Gordeev Moped Museum
For several years, Vladimir Nikolaevich Gordeev, an individual entrepreneur with the right to engage in museum activities, has been creating a private scientific and technical "Museum of Mopeds" in Vitebsk on the basis of his personal collection, and for more than ten years information has been collected on the relevant thematic website. 

   Since January 2022, the museum has received a permanent premises at the address: Vitebsk, Frunze Ave., 81/1. The 80-square-meter hall features about three dozen mopeds of different years and showcases with various artifacts. In this museum, Vladimir Nikolaevich conducts guided tours for visitors, telling about the history of this type of transport since the pre-war period. On average, the tour time is about an hour, but with a lot of interest, it can be much longer.