The State Museum of the History of Belarusian Literature

One of the most famous historical districts of Minsk is considered to be the Troitskoe Predmestye situated on the bank of the river Svisloch. Namely at the Troitskoe Predmestye, the State Museum of the History of Belarusian Literature - a storehouse of unique manuscripts, personal belongings, rare photos of Belarusian writers and archival documents is located. The museum opened its doors in 1991, and was founded four years earlier, in 1987.

Today the Belarusian State Museum of the History Belarusian Culture offers its visitors to get acquainted with 25 thematic collections. Special place is taken to books exhibition, "First-printed and rare books", "Books", "Books with autographs", consisting of more than 25 000 exhibits, brought from the most famous Belarusian printing houses. The earliest edition in the collection was written in 1609. There is a whole series of books in Latin and Polish, mostly textbooks on philosophy, rhetoric and grammar. You can also look at the handwritten "Catechism", published in 1627, in the Museum of the History of Belarusian Literature.

The museum fund includes the archival manuscripts of Belarusian writers: Vasil Bykov, famous for such works as "Third rocket", "Sotnikov", "Obelisk", "Dead do not hurt," Dmitry Zhilunovich, who wrote under the pseudonym Tishka Gartny, Kondrat Krapiva, known for his play "The larks sing" and satirical comedy "Who laughs last? ". By the way, the same name movies were filmed based on these works.

You can get acquainted with the classics of Belarusian literature, learn many interesting facts from  biography and works of Yanka Kupala and his "adjutant" Petrus Brovka, by visiting the exhibition of miniature works.

The museum has an extensive collection of "Gazeta" with periodic Belarusian editions of the first half of the 20th century, "the Minsk newspaper", "Zvezda", "Slavic Izvestia". More than three thousand exhibits are kept in the archive of documents from the personal biography of Sergei Novik-Pyayun, Yanka Maur, Pimen Panchenko, Vasil Bykov. These are membership cards and certificates, identity cards and personal authors’ letters.

On the official website of the Museum of the History of Belarusian Literature you can visit the virtual exhibition, dedicated to the famous Belarusian writers: I.P. Shamyakin, Kondrat Krapiva, I. Melezh, V.V. Zuenok, L. Arabey.

The museum realizes numerous exhibition and educational projects. For children the classes in the form of a game are organized, "It came to our house like bread", "Festivities in folk style", "Russian toy." Also in the classroom, you can get acquainted with the traditions of the celebration of Kupala fest and Belarusian wedding ceremonies. For schoolchildren and adults a series of lectures are held devoted to the deeper study of the history of Belarusian literature.

The State Museum of the History of Belarusian Literature has a number of branches: 

  • Maxim Bogdanovich Literary Museum (Minsk, M. Bogdanovich St., 7a)$
  • Branch "Belarusian house" (Minsk, Rabkorovskaya str., 19);
  • Branch "Folk Rakutevshchina" (Minsk region, Molodechnensky district, village Rakutevshchina);
  • Literary Museum of Petrus Brovko (Minsk, K. Marx st., 30);
  • Branch "Hatta-Museum Petrus Brovki" (Vitebsk region, Ushachsky district, village Putilkovichi);
  • Museum-Estate of Frantishka Bogushevich “Kushlyany” (Grodno region, Smorgon district, village Kushlyany);
  • Kuzma Chorny Literary Museum (Minsk region, Kopylsky district, village Timkovichi);
  • Museum-dacha of Vasily Bykov (A.G. Zhdanovichi 6th Dachnaya Street, 62).

You can visit the museums both independently and as a part of the thematic excursions.