Memorial complex "Vishenki"
Four villages are listed in the memorial complex "Khatyn". These are settlements – Vishenki, Staichevka, Krasnoluki, Lukoml. D. had a particularly tragic fate .Cherries. On March 9, 1944, the Nazis burned it together with the inhabitants. 114 people died a painful death here.

Now there is a memorial complex with a monument on the site of the village, which was opened on June 22, 1989. Sadness has forever remained in the woman's eyes, an old man looks into the distance with hatred, between them – the girl pressed her hands to her chest out of fear. This is how the main monument of the memorial complex looks like. The land from the burned villages was brought from each village council and preserved at the memorial monument. The entrance to the memorial is stylized as a burning frame of a wooden house with a bell.

Also on the territory of the memorial complex there are commemorative marble plaques with the names of the deceased residents, boards with information about other destroyed villages of the district.