Memorial complex "Stefanovo"
By the winter of 1942, a kind of partisan zone was formed in the Belynichi district. Residents of the village of Stefanovo supplied the partisans not only with food and clothing, but also replenished their ranks themselves, many were connected. After the operations carried out by the partisans, during which the German councils were destroyed, the punishers took measures to force the villagers to live in fear. On this day, more than a thousand armed SS men surrounded the surrounding forests. There were 97 people in the village. 96 – were shot and burned alive. They were mostly women, children, old people: the youngest is a few months old, and the oldest is 70 years old. And only one person, R.M. Gorbachevsky, managed to escape from this hell, albeit seriously wounded, but alive.

Like Khatyn, Stefanovo did not revive after the end of the war. 

In memory of the terrible events of those years, a monument to the victims of fascism was erected on the site of the destroyed village. Not far from the monument, the stones remind that houses once stood here. A lonely tree that was left from a once large garden and a granite monument of a woman clutching a child, next to a plate with a memorial record.

The memory of the burned village and its dead inhabitants is immortalized on the memorial complex "Khatyn".