The history of the memorial stone origin in commemoration of Belarusian philosophers and poets in Zhukov Borok village

A small cozy Zhukov Borok village is located not far away from a township Mir in Stolbtsy district. Almost none of the ordinary contemporary Belarusians knows about the existence of this place, except for some historians and evident natives of these places. However, this village has a very rich and interesting history.

Long time ago a road Minsk-Mir passed through that place. There are a lot of debates about the origin of the village Zhukov Borok name, but none of the version is admitted official. Someone says, a “man Zhuk” appeared at this place, who started the village development actively. There is also an opinion that this name is given due to a swampy soil and a large quantity of sand in the township.

A great attention is paid to literature by the village’s residents. In its time well-known Belarusian writers and thinkers were born there, who were engaged in their activities greatly. One of the most well-known philosophers of this place was S. Maiman. He was a brilliant example of a self-taught person, who achieved a lot and managed to become a member of German intellectual elite. Maiman was one of people, who got to be a most worthy rival to Kant. He was almost the only one, whose criticism was taken and approved by Kant.

One of the outstanding writers of Belarus, who wrote a poem, devoted to Zhukov Borok village, lived in this place. Among other famous people V. Syrokomla, V. Karatynsky, Y. Kodis lived there.

The description of the memorial stone in commemoration of Belarusian philosophers and poets in Zhukov Borok village

By the end of the past century, when Belarus had become an independent country, everything turned to change. Memorial signs and symbols were established on the territory of many small villages and townships as a way to commemorate the historical events and famous people. A commemorative stone with the names of the people was set up in memory of many well-known poets and philosophers of this small village. Among them were: S. Maiman, Y. Kodzis, V. Syrokomla, A. Plug and V. Karatynsky. The boulder is situated on the picturesque banks of the river Neman. All of these people put themselves on record to some extent in this village. As each of which was not only born and lived there, but also went down in history of their country with their indispensable and extremely important for culture development activity.

The trip to this small village is one of such routes that can be taken by car. It’s always a pleasure to visit such quiet and secluded corners, of which existence few people know. The history of such places is also very rich and no less interesting.