Memorial of military glory "Ludchitskaya height"
Memorial of military glory "Ludchitskaya height"

Location of the object: Mogilev region, Bykhovsky district, Ludchitsky village Council.

Coordinates: 53.427441, 30.271562

The memorial of military glory "Ludchitskaya Height" was opened on June 28, 1984 to the 40th anniversary of the liberation of the Bykhovsky district from the Nazi occupiers. Sculptors – P. Belousov, V. Letun, architects – V. Belyankin, M. Myznikov.

Located at an altitude of 150.9 m

The memorial is a sculptural and architectural composition in the form of a mound, above which there is a symbolic legendary figure of the Slavic guslar Bayan, glorifying the feat of heroic warriors. At the foot of the mound, on an oval platform, there is a concave wall-stele with high-relief breastplates of six Heroes of the Soviet Union: V. Martynov, S. Iskaliev, G. Yakubov, I. Borisevich, P. Vinichenko and G. Razmadze.

A granite stele with an informational text is installed nearby and the Eternal Flame is burning.