Chalky lakes in Belarus near Soligorsk

Chalky lakes in Belarus near Soligorsk


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Not only nature is involved in creating truly amazing sights. Among them are technical lakes in Soligorsk, which are not inferior in beauty to the famous resort in the Indian Ocean. The city, not far from which there is an unusual place, is famous for one more man-made wonder of the world - the so-called Soligorsk waste heaps. But first things first. VETLIVA will tell you how the chalky lakes formed in Belarus, how dangerous they are and at the same time so attractive for tourists.

Soligorsk Maldives: the history of appearance

Soligorsk is one of the youngest, but already successful cities of Belarus. Its appearance, as well as the formation of all key attractions here, is associated with potash fertilizers. In 1949, one of the largest salt deposits in the world Starobinskoe was discovered. It is clear that in order to ensure the most efficient development of mineral resources, it was necessary to quickly arrange production. In connection with this, the enterprise Belaruskali and the city of Soligorsk were founded.

The rapid development of deposits has led to a complete change in the surrounding landscapes. Salt dumps (which are called heaps in a different way) create here truly fantastic landscapes. Older breeds have already acquired a dark shade, newer ones are light. And the years and weathering led to their complete transformation: the rock cracked freakishly and looked like unearthly mountains.

The Blue Lakes near Soligorsk have a no less prosaic history: they are merely technical reservoirs created here to meet the needs of the development of the deposit. However, due to coincidence, now here are some of the most beautiful lakes in Belarus. People go to look at the Martian mountains, and at the same time they pass through the small village Khotinovo in order to get unforgettable impressions and capture the Belarusian Maldives in the photo.

What are and where are the chalky lakes in Belarus?

Belarusian Maldives is a figurative nickname, which at first was called only chalky quarries near Grodno. In fact, there are quite a lot of such places in Belarus: lakes with azure water were formed in various places of our country, where mineral deposits are being developed. For example, the places where the Belarusian Maldives are located can be found near Krichev and near Volkovysk.

Why chalky lakes of Belarus got such a nickname? It's simple: thanks to the chalky and other substances, the water gets an amazing azure hue, for which the famous Maldives resort is so fond. However, it is worth mentioning a fly in the ointment, because of which there is an official ban on being in the field of technical reservoirs, and the signs on their banks scare with fines.

The reasons for the prohibitions are:

  1. No one knows what the Cretaceous lakes really have.

  2. Even on the warmest days, the water warms up just a meter and a half - when diving, there is a feeling of dipping into a snowdrift, the body can reduce cramp, which in most cases leads to the sad consequences of relaxing in the Belarusian Maldives.

  3. The banks of the reservoirs are steep cliffs - it is simply unsafe to jump from them, and climbing up a practically sheer wall is difficult even for a physically strong person.

  4. There is no infrastructure around, as the chalky pits are considered a technical area and it is strictly prohibited to be located on their territory.

  5. In order to get the cherished shots, you need to bypass the reservoirs from different sides, because it is not always possible to catch the desired shade of water in the lens.

Despite all the bans and penalties, tourists beckons here, like a magnet. And not only locals come to rest, but also Russians.

VETLIVA advises: remember the danger if you are thinking of visiting this miracle of Belarus. You can make beautiful photos without risking your life and health. In addition, you can relax in Belarus less extreme, but not less intense: for example, go on an excursion and go to a sanatorium. The choice is yours!

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