Ice conglomerate in the village of Rakov. From Scandinavia slopes.

Ice conglomerate in the village of Rakov. From Scandinavia slopes.


Natural objects

The territory of Belarus is famous for its nature and cleanness. Our country is attractive from a tourist point of view; it certainly deserves to be recognizable worldwide.

Multi-faceted Belarus

In Belarus there are many places that are beautiful and have a real historical value at the same time. The past and the present are adjoined in them. The close proximity to the capital of Belarus - Minsk, makes such places available for one-day visit.

These are the places Rakov is related to. This village is located in Volozhin district, just 35 kilometers away from Minsk. A most picturesque nature, numerous sights  and developed infrastructure are not all of the attractive sides of Rakov.

The first and the most ancient

The very first point of interest of Rakov, which simply can not be ignored and underestimated properly is the Ice conglomerate and a sandstone at the highway Minsk-Volozhin. Just imagine: this relic of the Ice Age is 15 thousand years old. Agree, that not every city can boast of such ancient landmarks. The small Ice conglomerate of today, enclosed from all sides, reminiscent of the former natural phenomenon greatness is the number one place to visit for tourists. It keeps the memory of thousands of years.

They say it has traversed to the territory of Belarus from Scandinavia slopes. A little piece of ancient history is preserved in Rakov. Is it luck? Perphaps. It is no wonder that those who stop to look at an unusual attraction for our country, believe that it makes wishes come true. That’s why tourists leave small things to keep in memory in millennial stone blocks.

What our planet in glaciation times was like, we can dream up, by touching the Ice conglomerate in Rakov. To take a picture against the background, put a few coins, just to think how much unique and how beautiful our planet  is - all of this can be done in Rakov.

To be continued

Further, quite a busy program awaits for tourists, as there are ancient settlements, the Jewish cemetery, Transfiguration Church, Church of Our Lady of Holy Rosary, the Drutskys-Lyubetskys crypt tomb, Felix Yanushkevich museum, the Catholic chapel of St. Anna with the belfry gates on the cemetery.

Rakov was the residence and inspiration place for many talented people: Eliza Orzheshkova, a composer Michal Grushvitsky, the modern bra creator Ida Rosenthal (Kaganovich) lived and created here at different times.

A real surprise

Perhaps the Ice conglomerate will seem a real surprise for someone. As it's really unexpected to touch such sights within the area of Belarus. But you shoud not forget, that Belarus is not only a swamps and lakes region, but also a kind of "terra incognita" for many tourists. So, welcome to discover a new Belarus!

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