The Vitebsk region, the spring in the town Lepiel

In the southern part of the Vitebsk region, on the picturesque bank of Lake Lepiel there is a small cozy town with the interesting name Lepiel. People came to this land in ancient times. The sites of primitive man that were found on the banks of that picturesque lake dates back to the IX-VI centuries BC. Originally these lands were in possession of the Polovezk Duchy, later – the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

According to some theories, Lepiel originates fr om “lepshi” that can be translated from Belarusian as “the best”. Since olden times this town has been known for a huge number of vivifying spring-wells, so there are a lot of health resorts here.

Rest in Lepiel attracts not only with the possibility to visit well-known places of interest of the Vitebsk region, but also with the possibility to see one of the most colorful areas of the Republic of Belarus. There are more than 140 lakes and a great number of rivers and bodies of water.

It is no secret that the vitality of water is able to work wonders. It is Lepiel wh ere you can get closer to such a miracle of nature by drinking the purest water from the vital spring. The spring-well is located in the amazing, colorful spot among the lush crowns of trees of the ancient forest, a few kilometers from the village Krasnoluchka.  Travellers who want to try this vivifying water can’t lose their way as there are special locational signs on the trees. It is true that water in this spring-well is rich with micronutrients, and it is prayful, so it is considered to be curative.

The Holy Spring in Lepiel gives belief in recovery and support in vital needs to people coming here.

There is a legend about this healing spring. One peasant had a daughter who was blind from birth. He prayed for her recovery for a long time till one day he saw in his dream the Mother of God. She told the suffering father to come to the Holy Spring and wash the daughter’s face with the vivifying water. The peasant obeyed Her and his daughter recovered. Then the father as a token of his gratitude built a temple near the spring. In the 60-s the sanctuary was burnt in fire, and the icon of the Mother of god that had been kept there disappeared in inexplicable way.

Wandering around the Vitebsk region is an amazing and unforgettable rest. The Vitebsk region is the purest area in the Republic of Belarus, least affected by the Chernobyl accident. In this region there is the only protected area – Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve. In the territory of the Vitebsk region there are vast fields, the purest forests, lakes, numerous churches and temples, and other monuments of architecture that have reserved the historical domain of our region. Its culture is amazing and diverse, and you can see it for yourself. It’s an unforgettable calm rest that fills the everyday life with a special incomparable mental harmony.