The Spring of Mother of God Ostrobramskaya in Pokrashevo

The veneration of holy sources is one of the folk traditions. Earlier, there were about 200 springs in Belarus. Some are overgrown, others are opened and sanctified, so the figure is relative. There are cases when a person gets rid of illness after visiting a miraculous spring. Hundreds of believers have come to the spring, consecrated in honor of the Icon of Mother of God Ostrobramskaya. People came here for clean water even in pre-revolutionary times. Even the wedding corteges visit the spring.

The Icon of Mother of God Ostrobramskaya

The shrine itself is located in Vilnius. The Virgin Mary is depicted with crossed arms and lowered gaze — this is a sacred moment when she received the good news from the Archangel Gabriel. Many legends and tales are associated with the icon. It is believed to be several hundred years old. According to one of the legends, it was brought by the prince of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Olgerd. The image created on the oak board is carefully guarded.

The spring in Pokrashevo in the Slutsk district

The spring is popular not only among residents of the Minsk region. It is located in the northeastern part of the village. The distance from Slutsk is 20 km. Many parishioners come here precisely for Orthodox holidays.

There is a covered hot tub nearby. The entrance to the spring is decorated with an arch with boulders, a flooring with handrails is provided. The territory is illuminated, there are gazebos. A well-groomed grove is spread around, on the edge of which there is a parking lot. You can come to the spring on your own or as part of excursions around Minsk and the region.

The Shrines of Sluchchina

There is another shrine near the district. According to the legend, the image of Mother of God appeared in a dream to a peasant who lived in the village of Zabella. This happened during the death of livestock. The Virgin Mary ordered the man to take the skin of the ox to Slutsk in order to write a sacred face on it. The villager did what she said, and the problem disappeared.

This was in the 17th century, so the icon has not survived. There are only verbal descriptions of its miracles. The artist Y. Piskun began to restore the image. He studied icon painting for over 20 years and applied his knowledge to create a bright face on a large oak board. On a similar board, the icon was once painted, in honor of which the spring was consecrated in the village of Pokrashevo.

Healing springs in Belarus

Water is considered to heal not only the body but also the spirit. it gives serenity and joy. The divine spring accepts everyone who comes with sincere prayer and an open heart. If you plunge into the font, you need to cross yourself in front of the icon and give thanks to God.

Perhaps the most famous healing creeks in Belarus are located in Zhirovichi. For well-being in family life, people come to the Krupetsky holy spring. Among the largest springs is the Blue spring 80 km from Slavgorod. Water enters the surface from a depth of about 200 m and passes through chalk deposits.

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