The Church of the Holy Cross history Exaltation in Golynka village

The Church of the Holy Cross is located in a small village of Golynka that is in Grodno region. It was founded in 1714 at the expense of the wealthy noble Khrebtovich family. Despite the constant hostilities, the temple building managed to stand stable, as if a guardian angel protected it from adversity.

There was a Uniate Сhurch in the temple building before the XX century beginning, a Catholic parish a little later, and an Orthodox Church worked there only from 1939 to 1945. But no one needed it, because basically all the locals were Catholics.

Four identical small chapels are located along the temple perimeter. During the Great Patriotic War, processions and festivals were organized on serious events, and the local parishioners were prohibited to go beyond the boundaries of those structures at least a little in any case. That rule violations were punished by a fine, and in the worst case, an immediate shooting was committed.

In the postwar period, in 1947, when the temple was in state of destruction, the villagers closed themselves inside it, and they were continuously praying for a better life for the church and the village for several days.

In 2009, the church was renovated – the facade was refreshed and a more solid foundation was made.

Nowadays, the Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross looks very clean and well maintained. Though the church isn’t very big in size, but it is very cozy and quiet inside, the whole atmosphere is filled with faith and purity of human thoughts.

The church interior is very beautiful and unusual: the walls are decorated with an image of Jesus Christ procession, which consists of 12 parts and of a set of large sized colorful icons as well. The altar is located inside the church, behind which an image of the King's gate is drawn, decorated with fragments of the Holy Bible.

The local residents regularly bring natural flowers to the church; improve the flowerbeds throughout the territory of the temple. The church functions without a priest for over 30 years, and it has already become a habit among the congregation to maintain the beauty in this place.

According to the priest’s stories, a rabbi once lived not far from the church. This once again confirms that the people are friendly and live in peace and harmony, like a big family. Today, the parish comprises of about 420 people, which includes residents of many neighboring villages and towns. And still, there is no separation into friends and foes religiously. This holy place is not only a temple for prayers to parishioners, but also a good opportunity to communicate with people, learn the latest news and events from each other. The locals very appreciate and love the church as a dear for a heart shrine.