The museum of local lore in Zaslavl
The museum of local lore in Zaslavl

Zaslavl is a town in Minsk region; it attracts tourists with its peace and tranquility, as well as with a variety of amazing sights. The regional museum alone is a real storehouse of collected exhibits throughout Belarus. Without doubt, the museum is capable of surprising tourists.

The year of 1992 is considered to be the official museum opening, but the idea and the exhibits collection had begun long before the unique museum opened its doors to the first visitors.

Museum’s halls

The Museum’s Foundation is not only archaeological findings, as it might seem at first glance. Although, the excavations that took place in Zaslavl from 1967 to 1986 were surely the major contribution to the museum's collection. A unique for our country collection of drown carpets is kept in Zaslavl museum. It was created by the masters of their craft - Yazep Drozdovich and Helen Kish. Tourists admiring glances at the subjects of art is the best reward to the museum creators.

No less significant and important in its status is the hall of tapestries at the museum. The hall exposition consists of three pieces connected by one theme. This topic is significant for the whole Belarus, as well as for the town of Zaslavl in particular: of course, it is the history of the Principality of Polotsk and Zaslavl. The paintings titled "Bells of Polotsk", "Rogneda" and "Prayer" are on the hall’s walls. Tourists get an opportunity to estimate the tapestry grandeur and beauty during a visit to the museum.

Life of the Museum

Various exhibitions of artists and various household items are held in the local history museum. They constantly change each other. Who knows what you are lucky to see. But what certainly is to wait for your arrival at the museum is Batleika, which can be related to the museum permanent exhibits. Slowly walking along the halls, you will definitely see this Belarusian puppet theatre.

We should also mention the room with the melodious title "Musical evening." This is a permanent exhibition, by the way. Here the Belarusian national instruments are represented in all their beauty. More by token, the museum’s collection was created due to the hard work of music caring people. So, musical instruments from all over Belarus turned up in the museum. These are the dulcimer, the accordion, and, of course, the violin, the national Belarusian pipes - zhaleyki and tambourines. All of them charmed the ears both of our and your ancestors. After all, the music has always been an integral part of any nation culture.

It would be a remiss not to hear the musical instruments sound in the museum. Each visitor can listen to the recorded sound of musical instruments by folk orchestra.

Without false modesty, it should be noted that yet one visit to the museum of local lore is a kind of fascinating excursion into the past of Belarus. Not mentioning the beauty and peculiarity of Zaslavl itself. Coming out of a bus or a car, be sure to take a stroll through the small streets of the town. Perhaps, they might lead you to the museum too.