Local history museum in Slonim

The district museum of local history is located in the middle of Slonim town. It was founded by a famous nobleman Stabrovsky, who was not only a soldier, but a local historian and an experienced archaeologist. The museum was named after its founder.

The museum was opened to the public in early autumn of 1929. It featured more than 5000 different exhibits that were a part of a large Stabrovsky collection. The museum exhibits were moved to a new location in 1957. The regional museum is opened for tourists in this building to the present day. During the active working period of the museum, the exposition itself transformed several times. Nowadays its area has reached 400 sq. m.

Inside Slonim museum is presented with a number of halls, the exhibits relating to archeology, nature and Slonim wildlife are located in three of them. Historical items showing a time period from antiquity to the modern world are located in the remaining six halls. The museum building has two full exhibition halls with a total area of 150 sq. m.

The total number of exhibits reaches 29 000 – it is an unimaginable number, which is not final. The Lithuanian Statute of the XVII century, documents, archives, treasures of coins, a bust from Napoleon bronze, a pagan idol of the XX century, an archive of various manuscripts of XVI-XIX centuries and much more should be distinguished from a most rare and valuable items. Every year since the Slonim regional museum foundation, the number of exhibits is growing and updated with a couple of hundreds. About 30 thousand visitors come to the museum over a year.

The museum staff is active: it organizes various interesting excursions, exciting activities for schoolchildren, lectures on various topics. And for students who need information from historical materials, the staff select the necessary documents for creation of various scientific and educational articles, yearly projects, and even dissertations.

The museum was awarded various honors, including all kinds of certificates of local, regional and national scale cultural organizations. One of the most important awards for the museum was the President of the Republic of Belarus Award in 2003 in the honorable nomination of Museology.

The museum is opened not only for introductory preview of unique exhibits. Various themed entertainment events are held here every year; various interesting exhibitions come as well. Every year there are about 20 new exhibitions dedicated to memorable and important dates of the town and the country’s life. Having been in the town of Slonim, you just need to visit this wonderful museum of local history, which gathered such an impressive piece of history within its walls.

Visiting of Slonim Museum is included in the number of many excursion programs and cultural activities tours in Belarus. Many tourists choose precisely this kind of recreation for their inner world and outlook development and enrichment.