Local History Museum in Turov
The museum's collection began with the organization of a historical circle at a local school in

in 1927. Then there were more than 100 items on display — archaeological finds, household items of the Dregovichi, ancient manuscripts and books. After the offensive of the German troops in 1942, the entire museum with exhibits was burned.

The museum was revived in 1949. Today there are six expositions operating here:

1. "The archaeological past of the city"

2. "Crafts and crafts of the Turov region"

3. "Peasant hut", where the interior of the typical housing of peasants of the late XIX century is recreated

4. "Flora and Fauna"

5. "Memory of the Great Patriotic War"

6. "Retro Style" is a unique exhibition featuring items of pre—revolutionary and Soviet life.

After the construction of the new building, the storerooms were replenished with almost 11,000 items. The Hall of Antiquities is dedicated to the life of the Dregovichi, there are recreated weapons, clothes, jewelry. After the excavations, spearheads and arrows, tools and pottery shards were brought here. Also on display are Neolithic and Iron Age objects, ancient manuscripts, the first printed books and toys made from animal bones of 10-15 centuries.
A separate hall tells about the Great Patriotic War. The museum stores captured weapons, letters from the front, awards of soldiers, their uniforms and uniforms. In the third hall there are exhibits on the ethnography of the country and its nature — ancient national costumes, ancient maps, stuffed animals and herbariums.

The museum organizes field trips around Turov, including Castle Hill. The exposition continues to be replenished with new archaeological artifacts, ancient objects and samples of decorative and applied art.