The Church of Our Lady of the Angels and the former Franciscan Monastery
The Church of Our Lady of the Angels and the former Franciscan monastery is a monument of Baroque architecture (XVII–XVIII centuries). The complex relief predetermined the asymmetric composition of the temple, including the belfry and the monastery complex. Stone two-storey monastic buildings and a three-nave church form a closed courtyard. 

The high altar in two tiers reached almost to the arches of the church. It is decorated with carvings, gilding and many sculptures. The church houses the oldest organ in Belarus with 12 voices. It was brought here in 1750.

In 1759, the church was rebuilt - the dome over the main nave was removed, the bell tower was raised 4 meters and covered with a Rococo helmet. The main wooden altar of the first half of the XVIII century has been preserved . Priest Maximilian Kolbe, who sacrificed his life in the Auschwitz concentration camp, worked in the parish in the 1920s; he was canonized.

In the post-war period, the Soviet authorities decided to place a hospital in it. 

In 1991, the monastery was taken under the care of the Franciscans who returned to Grodno.

The main relic of the monastery is an icon of the Mother of God of the Angelic sample of the 17th century, which has miraculous properties.


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